Brainy Arkies is a novel educational resource that integrates automated adaptive testing, self-directed learning and entertainment alongside with parental supervision, designed to produce the best learning outcome for young learners.

You can use this edutainment mobile App to motivate your child to learn Maths in a fun way. You can work together to conquer obstacles in the form of quizzes to progress further on your quest. Together with the help of the local inhabitants called Arkies, you can build your own enchanting 3D virtual world of wonders.

The app allows the children to access questions from P1 to P6.

Free users are only able to change their level once a year. After 1st Dec, the ability to change level for that year is reset.
Paid users can change their levels 4 times a year (once a quarter).

There are detailed step-by-step explanations provided to scaffold learning and build deeper conceptual understanding. The Child will be motivated to learn through the animated and interactive environment.

Brainy Arkies contain over 18,000 assessment questions that are fully aligned to Ministry of Education (MOE)'s latest syllabus. The questions are specially written by a pool of qualified teachers to comprehensively cover every learning objective. The guided solutions and detailed explanations solution are also in-keeping with the pedagogy the way your child is taught at school. Parents can use Brainy Arkies' diagnostic tools to pinpoint topics and areas their child is struggling and remediate with more assessments for improvement over time.

  • iPhone 4S and up
  • iPad 3rd gen and up
  • Android devices with at least OS Jellybean installed

Brainy Arkies is an innovative digital learning solution which can be personalised according to the users' ability levels from the onset to provide the most suitable remediation content.

  • Personalised Learning
  • In line with the latest MOE syllabus
  • Step-by-step guided solutions with detailed explanations
  • Diagnoses the child down to the Learning Objective level
  • Game-based approach
    • Immersive game play, where the learning is integrated into the world
    • Different game styles within the game that will cater to both lower and upper primary pupils
    • Game goals that will inspire the Child to access and attempt the questions
This control panel is the default view when Parents log into the App:
  • The 'Children' option is used to Add and Remove the users, or their children.
    Parents can view their Child's profile here and also add a new Child to link with their accounts. This linking process will enable the Parent to extract usage performance report for the data collected from individual child's usage.
  • The 'Store option brings you to the Subscription page.
    Subscription is required to unlock Premium content within the App, such as Multimedia worked solutions, Intervention E-learning content, Exam format questions, Detailed Learning and Performance Report.
  • The 'Reports' option allows Parents to monitor their Child's progress and receive timely recommendations.
    Parents can view a comprehensive Report of their Child's progress on their smartphones and tablets. The Report provides Parents with insights where their Child can improve.
  • The 'Parental Controls' option manages how the Child interacts with the game.
    This is the control panel for Parents to manually select question topics, type of play and play-time limits.
    More details on the 'Parent Controls' option can be found in Parent User Guides Section

The App is Free-to-download, but provides access to only 20% of all questions and all features except premium features such as Topical Exercises and CA/SA upon initial download.

For the Child, there will be faster game progress (shorter building construction time and increased resource harvesting) with an active subscription.

Subscription is available in the form of 1-month ($3.98), 6-months ($21.98) and 12-months usage ($36.98), and auto-renewals.

Parents can manage how the Child interact with the game using the Parental Controls Panel that consists of 4 settings:
  • Manage questions
    Parents will be able to manage the Topics & Sub-topics that will be tested in the quizzes
  • Study mode
    When turned 'OFF', the Child will be able to access the game features and play the game normally
    When turned 'ON', the Child will not be able to access game features. They will only be allowed to do the quizzes
  • Solutions mode
    Parents can toggle between 'Quiz' mode and 'Drill & Practice' mode.
    Quiz mode: Solutions and answers are only displayed after completing the entire quiz.
    Drill & Practice mode: The solution and answer will be displayed immediately after completing each question.
  • Play-time limit
    Parents will be able to decide the amount of time their Child spend on the App by choosing the duration in the drop down list. The App will exit once duration is up.